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Gosser Beer

Figure 1. Gosser Beer


Austria evokes images of mountains, Mozart and The Sound of Music, but it is not globally renowned for its beer varieties and production, which may suggest that Gosser’s claim that Gosser Beer is ‘Austria’s finest beer’ may lack substance in the beverage world.  Gosser Beer (Gösser Bier) is a premium-strength (5.2% vol.) lager brewed by Brau Union Österreich in Graz, south-eastern Austria (see Gosser website for further information).  Other beers in the Gosser range include NaturRadler and Gösser Dark.  Gosser Beer is available in 0.33 and 0.5 litre cans and bottles.  The Gosser website is full of beautiful images of natural vistas which leads them to claim that ‘Gösser[‘s] … highest quality, purest nature and living brewing tradition conventionalize Gösser a myth with legendary character’, whatever that means.


This experiment was designed to investigate numerous characteristics of Gosser Beer including, but not limited to, aroma, flavor, colour, satisfaction and vessel design.


A 0.5 litre bottle (see figure 1)  of Gosser Beer was obtained from a local supermarket.  The cap of the bottle was removed under controlled conditions using a bottle cap leveraging device.  The contents of the bottle were decanted into clean glass vessels.  Aroma was evaluated by smelling the beer.  Flavour was analysed by tasting the beer and discussing it with a research collaborator at great length and, subsequently, satisfaction was assessed.  The glass was held up to a standardized light to evaluate the colour and aesthetic aspects of the vessel were considered.


The results for Gosser Beer are shown in table 1 below.

Table 1. Characteristics of Gosser Beer

Characteristic Result
Aroma Reminiscent of ‘old beer’, perhaps experienced the day after the beer was poured, a hint of citrus with a notes of cigarette ash
Flavour Initially, significant malty flavours which are replaced by a tangy hoppiness
Colour Similar to apple juice yellow which has had no more than 1 medium-sized ice cube melted in it
Satisfaction Served below 6oC, it would provide considerable refreshment on a day which exceeds 24cC
Vessel Design 0.5 litre bottle sits comfortably in the hand.  The label is an unfussy ,lustrous, dark green, gold and white design with classic European elegance
Head A thin , gassy head which disappeared after 156 seconds
Drinkability 6


It is beyond the scope of this experiment to confirm Gosser’s claim that their product is ‘Austria’s finest beer’ (Gosser Beer bottle label, 2010), however, the results indicate that Gosser was certainly inoffensive to the researchers and would be an above average choice on a hot summer’s day when in need of beverage based refreshment.  It is even conceivable that Maria and Captain Von Trapp may have shared a Gosser before fleeing their humble abode.  The highlight of the Gosser experience was the complementary green glass bottle and lustrous green label.


Gosser Beer bottle label (2010)